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Officers for 2014
Abdulaziz M. Al-Ghamdi

Educational Background

B. S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering - Seattle University 1991

Master Degree in Construction Engineering Management – KFUPM 2001

Previous involvement in ASSE as an officer

  • Member in ASSE-MEC for the last 10 years.
  • Conference Director 2009
  • ASSE-MEC President for 2010/2012
  • ASSE-MEC President Elect 2102/2014
  • ASSE-MEC President for 2014/2016
  • Marketing Chair for the last three conferences
  • Training and Development Coordinator
Tariq S. Al-Ghamdi
President Elect
Hatem S. Al-Ahmadi
Vice President

Educational Background

Holds B. S. Degree in Computer Science, 1998, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia

Previous involvement in ASSE as an officer

Developed and maintained the society web presence on the Internet
Conference Organizing committee 2008 ,2010 ,2012


Other supporting information to be included in the bio-data

  • Active ASSE-MEC member
  • Actively involved in preparation and execution of ASSE-MEC conferences and exhibition
    for years 2010 ,2088, and 2012
  • Organize, track with exceptional follow-through abilities and detail orientation, and able
    to plan and oversee projects from conception to successful implementation.
  • Apply expert diagnostic and training needs assessment to present cost-effective and
    functional training.
  • Designing and implementing local processes and initiatives while meeting society bylaws
    and legal requirements.
  • An organized and effective project manager. Skilled in strategic planning and
  • implementation; able to prioritize effectively, multi-task, and achieve objectives within
    time and budget.
  • A strong leader and team player; adept at supporting society members to achieve their
    professional goals
Khalid S. Al-Khonaifer

Educational Background

• Completed Saudi Aramco two years apprentice program as (Plant Safety & Engineering Aid).
• Completed various safety courses including:
• Managing Contractor Safety
• Incident Investigation
• Root Cause Analysis
• Exxon Safety Inspection
• Exxon Operational Safety in Oil Terminals

I have previously worked with the ASSE-MEC board as:
• Assembly Delegate
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Vice President


Ahmed Y. Al-Dossary

Educational Background

B. S. Accounting, 1997, KFU

I am an ASSE-MEC member for more than 10 years. My involvement as officer started
back in 2005 when I joined the board as treasurer, after that year, I served the chapter in
different terms holding positions like secretary, treasurer and assembly delegate.

I was part of the organizing committee for the last 4 conferences organized by the
chapter. I was the commence director for the 11th conference which was held in March
2014 in Bahrain attended by more than 1000 safety professionals.
With the academic qualification and the experience I gained over the years, I am sure that
by being part of the next board as treasurer, I will continue assisting the chapter reach its
goals and deliver its vision.

Anees M. Al-Sehly
Assembly Delegate

Educational Background

Marine Associate Degree 1989


Assembly Delegate 2010-2012

I was a harbor pilot at Saudi Ports Authority (King AbdulAziz Port – Dammam); I was
also a harbor pilot at Terminal Department, Saudi Aramco. My experience in the safety
field started at 2002 with Saudi Aramco Loss Prevention Department covering different
areas such as Marine Department and Terminal Operation. I have completed some
training related to safety like safety oil tankers and crude oil wash.

On the ASSE level, in addition to being part of the executive board in 2010 -2012, I was
part of the organizing committee for the last three conferences organized by the Middle
East Chapter.

During the coming chapter term, I am planning to work with other board members to
serve the members and provide learning opportunity.

Abdullah H. Al-Obaidan
Assembly Delegate

 Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree - King Faisal University 1985
  •  International Diploma in Safety by the British Safety Council - 2002

Member in ASSE-MEC

  •  Board member in ASSE-MEC for 2012/2014
  •  Member in Organizing Committee for ASSE 5th ,6th ,7th , 8th , 9th,10th and 11th PDC .
  •  Member and Assembly Delegate in ASSE-MEC 2012.
  •  ASSE-MEC Treasurer 2007.
  •  ASSE-MEC House of Delegates member to ASSE for 2007 up to 2013
  •  Member in HADEED Emergency Response Team.
  •  Member in the International Institute Risk & Safety Management MIIRSM.
  • PSM Element Administrator and Coordinator – SABIC.
  • PSM Element Administrator of Emergency Response Plan (ERP).
  • Conduct Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) study for all plant.
  • Conduct PHA Presentation for HADEED Employee’s.